Overheight Vehicle Detection

 Coeval Overheight Vehicle DetectionOverheight Vehicle Detectors from Coeval are widely used across the UK to reduce the amount of vehicle collisions to bridges, tunnels, overpasses and any other overhead obstacles.

As a result of insufficient warning signals, thousands of accidents every year involve overheight vehicles, causing costly damages to both structures and vehicles alike.

OVDs from Coeval are a reliable and cost-effective solution that feature variable message displays to allow for specific diversion instructions.

Here are some technical benefits to the Coeval range of Overheight Vehicle Detection Systems:

  • Wireless and GSM options available to reduce installation costs.
  • Remote user interface.
  • High-visibility LED warning signs type approved to TR2516 / BS EN 12966
  • Vandal resistant one piece face to ensure LED protection.
  • Full range of character sizes available, suitable for all road speeds and locations.
  • +/- 1mm vehicle height accuracy.
  • Up to 50m working range.

For more information, visit here to visit the Coeval website.